Altún family

A familiy of wine growers

SINCE 1989

Three generations of wine growers

The working of the land for over one hundred years and the natural evolution of a family that is fully devoted to the cultivation of grapevines led José Antonio Martínez, accompanied by his wife Ana Pangua, to create their own personal project in 1989; the use of the fruit from their vineyard (nurtured by José Antonio’s father since1939) in wines with their own characteristic personality.

Alberto and Iker Martínez Pangua

The third generation

Iker and Alberto, joined the team in 2009, introducing a philosophy that had closer ties to the origin and terroir of the grapes, creating the current range of local and estate wines.

Iker Martínez Pangua

Iker Martínez Pangua

Born in 1989. The passionate world of wine seduced Iker at an early age, as he was brought up among the grapevines of the family winery. At the age of 19, he took over production of all the winery’s wines while studying Enology in Logroño, the capital of the Rioja region. His strong character, a perfectionist to the extreme, and his commitment to continuous improvement have impregnated all of the family’s wines. Today he is in charge of the most technical aspects of wines, creating the current range of wines, with their marked focus on the terroir, together with his brother Alberto.

Alberto Martínez Pangua

Alberto Martínez Pangua

Born in 1996. Alberto studied in Ireland in order to perfect his English. After returning to La Rioja to study Enology, he learnt to understand and create new terroirs and grape varieties in some of the world’s finest wine-growing regions in New Zealand, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Baja California. He has woven these experiences into the winery’s philosophy, giving a new direction to and appreciation of the family vineyards.